Display of Excellence

More About BPv Tier Two Scholarships

    The second tier of this Corporation is dedicated to outstanding accomplishments.  Candidates competing for these scholarships have exceeded typical expectations, worked diligently to achieve high scores, and therefore demonstrate the highest potentials for success in their fields of choice.  The criteria for earning these scholarships will vary depending on the nature of the awards.  Example qualifications candidates must meet to be considered for these awards are:

  • ACT/SAT scores

  • GPA 

  • Essay Contests

  • Science Projects

  • History Awareness


   Individual scholarships on this tier have unique qualification criteria.  Donors can review the specifics of a given scholarship prior to contributing to the fund.  Sponsors, individuals or companies offering full scholarships, will name their own scholarship and make the final decisions on qualification criteria.  





Tier Two Sponsors/Donors


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