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More About BPv Tier Three Scholarships

     The third tier of this Corporation consists of extracurricular scholarships and homeschooling curricula/materials.  This tier is specifically designed to offer financial support for children of deceased, terminally ill, or permanently disabled parents. When parents die, become bedridden, or bound to medical devices, their children endure extreme losses and heartache.  But, when these same children must then face the realities of walking away from lifetimes of dance or piano or their favorite sports due to financial hardships which accompany their new realities, that sense of loss is compounded by the death of hope and faded dreams. Also, while families are medically challenged, young students may fall behind in school and consequently have lowered grades.  From that understanding, we built this tier specifically designed to nurture hope and foster dreams of primary-grade students.  Be a part of our future by sponsoring a resource from this tier.




Examples of Tier Three Resources that you or your company can sponsor:

  • Music Lessons

  • Musical Instruments/Band Equipment

  • Sports Equipment

  • Art Supplies

  • Tutoring Services

  • Dance Lessons

  • Other...

If you or your company offers resources that are appropriate for this tier, contact us to learn how to become part of the Village Tier Three.  Also, plan to be part of our Benefits Dinner in October for an opportunity to speak directly to donors who support this tier. 

Thank You, Apologia Outdoors, for sponsoring healing resources and being a valuable part of the Village.
Thank You, IXL Learning, for sponsoring memberships to your amazing online learning materials.