Founding Members: Building the Village

We have the most dedicated and humble Board of Directors ever. They don't even want to be called a "Board of Directors" but must for legality's sake.  In their minds, they are nothing short of a TEAM.  All of the initial five members volunteer their time and efforts without expectations of monetary gains.  Forming, occupying and operating this non-profit are all acts of compassion from the hearts of each Board Member.  As a matter of fact, we specifically identified team members with the following characteristics:

Compassion for Humanity~Integrity~Reliability

President and acting CEO

Billie Glazier is a founding member of Blue Phoenix Village, Inc.  Mrs. Glazier has been the administrator of a homeschooling-umbrella school serving more than 500 students across the State of Alabama since 2006. Her vision of offering scholarships was an answered prayer after witnessing several member families struggle while beating the odds to not only overcome medical devastations and/or parental deaths but do so with extremely heavy responsibilities of providing educational resources for the families' children. Initially, Mrs. Glazier reached to out other Non-Profit foundations with hopes of securing college funds for children from medically challenged families, but she discovered that many of the existing 501c(3) organizations only earmark small portions of donated funds towards the causes for which they stand.  This wasn't good enough.  She immediately began the required research to establish a Corporation that guarantees maximum outcomes for donated dollars.  "If we can't award 100% of donations directly to the scholarship recipients, then we are doing something wrong." Surely there are some expenses involved in raising funds to help others, but this Board Member works overtime to get as much of the resources and overhead expenses donated as possible.  Mrs. Glazier diligently seeks opportunities to raise funds that cover overhead expenses so that all monies gifted to specific scholarships go directly to the students for whom they are intended.  "I am praying for a tenacious God to guide us as we build this village." 

Birmingham, AL

Secretary of the Board

Brooke Quintero was appointed Secretary of the Board of Directors of Blue Phoenix Village, Inc, due to her attention to detail, compassion for humanity, and conviction for perfection.  Brooke was homeschooled for most of her life and is currently preparing to build a career in the field of medical nutrition.   Brooke has accumulated copious hours of community service and offers everyone she encounters on the BPv path a demonstration of loving Christian values.  The best word to describe Mrs. Quintero is "compassionate." In addition to her outstanding personality, Brooke offers the BPv family a perfected understanding of the written English language.  She is a master of words and will serve BPv well as a Secretary of the Board.

Pinson, AL

Treasurer of the Board

Joel Glazier is the best candidate to be any company's Treasurer. If anyone can squeeze a penny until it squeals, Joe can.  Mr. Glazier works full-time as Director of Operations at a local engineering firm, but in his off time, he has maintained financial records for two different companies for longer than 10 years. His outstanding track record of saving funds for two companies is only one of the reasons Mr. Glazier was selected to serve on the Board of Directors of Blue Phoenix Village, Inc.  The most significant characteristic that defines Joe is his extremely in-depth compassion for others.  Joe has served us all as a Marine, and since leaving the military, he has maintained a devout sense of honor and habitually demonstrates nobility in his daily life.  In addition to his accounting experiences, his compassion for others, and his military background, Joe has a  history of successfully becoming an Eagle Scout.  We can't ask for better work ethic than we have found in Joel Glazier.  

Birmingham, AL

Board of Directors; Events Committee Chair

Adan Quintero was selected to serve on the Board of Directors for Blue Phoenix Village, Inc, and specifically asked to head the "Events Committee" due to his compassion for others and creativity.  Adan has served the public as a dance instructor, works as an apprentice at a local engineering firm, and volunteers hundreds of hours serving his church family. In addition to his strong work ethic, compassion, and creativity, Adan is bilingual and eagerly translates for others when the opportunity finds him. 

Pinson, AL

Board of Directors; Awards Committee Chair

Melissa Fabian was selected to serve on the Board of Directors and as the Chair of the Awards Committee because she has demonstrated extreme compassion for humanity.  At an early age, Mrs. Fabian decided that she wanted the means to communicate with more people in her community, so she successfully learned the Spanish language completely on her own.  Melissa has served her community by standing in as a translator whenever and wherever she discovered the need.  In addition to her cultural awareness, Mrs. Fabian has served her community as a Registered Nurse and is currently the Director of a local nursing home.  We are excited that Mrs. Fabian heads up our Awards Committee and leads the team in selecting the best recipient for each scholarship we award annually. 

La Grange, GA

Board of Directors; Medical Committee Chair

Moaaz Abdelrashid, M.D. is a physician from Egypt who is currently working as a scientist here at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). His unique expertise working in close proximity with patients suffering from lethal brain tumors make him an invaluable addition to our village. Dr. Abdelrashid is passionate about the social implications of medicine and science, though comes his dedication and enthusiasm to the cause of BPV. Our long-term goal with the work of Dr. Abdelrashid is to initiate an international awareness campaign with the aim to grow BPV into a worldwide village for those who have endured much loss. He assists the scholarship committees by reviewing the candidates' applications. Moreover, Dr. Abdelrashid plans for and organizes fundraising activities to increase the available funds to help those in need. We are honored to have him on our village's Board of Directors.

Birmingham, AL, US / Egypt


"Helping other people shifts our own paradigms as much or more than theirs. "

~Billie Glazier, Founder of Blue Phoenix Village, Inc.