" When parents are enduring terminal illnesses, their worries are not always about facing death;

they are overcome by fears of leaving their sons and daughters to face life. Let us all be beacons of hope for these people."  

Tier One: Compassion

Giving to those in need...

Tier One is all about our benevolent scholarships.  Click the button to learn more about this tier and see the amazing sponsors who contribute to making dreams come true in the face of great loss and devastation.

Tier Two: Academic Excellence

Awarding those who exceed...

Blue Phoenix Village, Inc. is honored to be a part of building doors for students who have worked hard and excelled academically.  Click here to learn more about this tier and the dedicated sponsors who make this possible.

Tier Three: Let Them Lead (K-12)

Nurturing Talent in the Face of Loss...

Sometimes waiting for a student to be college-ready we find ourselves a day late.  This tier of BPvillage is dedicated opening doors for primary-school children of parents with challenging medical conditions.  Click here to learn more about these donations and the AWESOME sponsors to make this possible.

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